Quality, material, workmanship

The stylish cabinets are expertly made ​​with quality materials and beautifully finished. The basic material is durable MDF with a choice of real wood veneer.
All cabinets are fitted with multiplex plywood backing and two multiplex slats for secure hanging on the wall.
All cabinets are sold fully assembled.

The musical cabinet can be hung with either a left or a right hand door. The door (without handle or lever) covers half the depth of the cabinet and rotates 180 degrees. A nicely concealed snap closure locks it.

Wood protection
All wooden parts of the cabinet are coated with Rubio Monocoat (in a neutral colour). This brings out the beauty of the wood and gives lasting protection (from fingerprints, etc.). Of course you can also opt for untreated wood.

For specifications see Technical Data.

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  • Why use a cabinet for your violin or guitar?

    Quality, material, workmanship

    Background Upholstery

    Working together for a personalized customization


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