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    The instrument cabinets Ellenabeich, "Treasurer of Music", are showcase cabinets for guitars and violins and are also excellent for everyday safekeeping.
    The wall display cabinets highlight and distinguish the intrinsic beauty of your stringed instruments. They are elegantly designed, with a discrete glass door at the front and a sophisticated instrument hook inside. The cabinets and interiors are executed in various (wood) colours and patterns. And, most importantly, the show cabinets protect the instruments from dust and damage.

    Our design ... your showcase
    The instrument cabinets Ellenabeich are designed in house, built by the best cabinet makers to a high standard. The cabinets have a strong (and safe) hanging system for wall mounting. There is a wide choice of background finish; thus giving your cabinet a personal touch. You can customize the perfect combination for a harmonious environment for your musical instrument.

    The musical instrument cabinet is perfect for instrument display in your own home, music studio, music school, teacher’s room, music venue, or rehearsal space for your music band, and in museums. But perhaps you also just want to protect your valuable instrument from dust and hang it at a safe height.

    The challenge ...
    Take a look at the collection in the Gallery at the various versions of the case and the variety of backgrounds. Imagine your own instrument inside one of the cabinets and compare it with the place in which your instrument finds itself now (in its guitar- or violin case ... or ... on the floor?) ... It’s up to you!


  • Gallery

    • Violin Case Rosewood

    • Violin Case Maple

    • Guitar Cabinet Wenge/HPL

    • Guitar Cabinet Zebrano

  • Why use a cabinet for your violin or guitar?

    Quality, material, workmanship

    Background Upholstery

    Working together for a personalized customization


    Costs and Delivery

  • Connie R. Vredenberg
    Verwoldseweg 33a
    7245 VX Laren (Gld)

    m 06-46163377

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